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Rodolfo Edwards _ The artist at work. by Nicole Costa.2016

Rodolfo Edwards_ Tape off.

The Layout of the Urban Landscape .2016.

"the video is a great way to see his unique process. I think they are very unique with a sort of "life in the city" feel to them from the graphic nature of the taped areas he paints. They are also mysterious in that he lets something completely organic happen in the center, so that juxtaposition creates an unplanned tension while being also in balance".


"Studio process video during two weeks of working in a large scale painting Made by different layers of color and drawing . 

The main idea of this video was to register the construction of the urban landscape made by geometry and overlapping different layers.


Rodolfo Edwards_The object and the landscape

Vermont Studio Center 2017.

Transfer, Exercise of speed and expansion.

Shanghai. November 2018.

Art Residency at Vermont Studio Center. During the month of April 2017.

During this video I did daily progression of a creating process based in the Sculpture object in front of the landscape . 

Using several techniques to develop different dimensions and interpretation 

Of the volumes in study during the studio residence experience.


Art Residency at Untitled Residency. Shanghai China. 

During the month of April 2017.

Transfer, exercise of speed and expansion its inspire in the observation of the speed urban growth of the cities in China .

During my stay in Shanghai and other main cities in China. My purpose was To explore the rhythm and the speed of the cities and I represented in An performance installation that show between lines of thread and nylon That as a element of communication and possibilities .


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