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At the beginning was the light, energy and Perspective.

The modern architecture with the extensive Housing complexes, infinite skyscrapers, white And efficient models son of the straight line. Invisible lightning or concrete , deployed in urban Space or on the drawing board.

Straight lines govern the formal organization of Voids, plans and volumes as in the first masters of Modernity.


Origins ”seems to suggest the existence of an Initial moment, perhaps the one that prefigures The emergence of the cosmos. The dense linear Configuration of these works almost always Suggests spaces in which it is possible to glimpse The landscape and the entire history of modern Cities.

Simultaneously almost, order and chaos coexist Without integrating. The lines sometimes seem to Embrace a torrent of spots whose lack of control Is a visual metaphor for nature.


In others the dark background is the space in its Almost cosmic form and the lines draw the idea, Perhaps optimistic, of an orderly origin in which, Like the perspective, all things can return to a Point from which they are born and they project to A bright infinity. But that idealistic landscape then Seems blunt and volumetric denied.

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