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"The work is a synthesis of what I seek, an Agglomeration of metropolis, of intense Excess. It is exuberant and saturated, a Baroque landscape that is at the same Time like a giant puzzle, enigmatic and Unknowable though intimately familiar at The same time.


Movement in these works represents Development, transformation, but also Destruction, through the enevtability of the Passage of time. There is a sense of Restructuring of material that may be Stripped of an image. For the artist, it is His model of working: the image changes As things are added and subtracted, traces Of past images sometimes still visible like A palimpsest. Each work becomes like a Literal mapping of the archaeological, Political, social, economic, and creative Layers of the world. In a larger sense, the Aritst's working method seems to be a Visible representation of systems of Change. 


The artist begins by making a close study Of the structure of an image that moves Him. Through his composition he Constructs the “sky” or “roof” of the image Then creates a scale of relativity, Constructing from  top to bottom, and left To right. Registers are created in the Tradition of prehistoric works of art in Which figures and their actions are bound By the structure and serve to complete it. This structure is also regulated in the Same way that mathematical problems And music are organized. Carefully Calculated rhythms are created by a Constant and even separation of color or Form. Patterns are syncretized with Shapes, marking a cadence that organizes Both the surface and the context. The Image acts like an index of an Environment, a textile like weaving of all Content.

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