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Urbe   2017

This serie of works  are based in the Geopolitical contemporary problematic Of the urbanist scene and their social Impact in their communities and the way We approach to the space and their Different ways to be measured.


My investigation as an artist an architect Is to show the impacts of todays political Interest in how big developers are Destroying the quality of life of the big Cities , and how the older heritage is Disappearing from this new economy Capitalism that with no sense are not Measuring the consequence for the Future of our urban areas. and the social Movement of gentrification is getting Empowered , displacing people to the Suburbs and creating a division in the Social environment .


The artworks are made from images that I got from different medias and personal Trips and art residences . where I have Been looking this problematic of the Growing urban cities no considering the Quality of life and the social impacts in Their communities . where I have been Affected by the displacing and the Economical interest of the developing Economical interest.


Cities like New York , Shanghai , Beijing , Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio , I have Been recollecting images to start a Representation of how we see our urban Environment in the future .


Using the photography of massive Construction and extensive urban Landscape , without respecting the social Space and the quality of life .


Also the graphics of lines and the Geometric view as an architect to Understand the relation between space And constructions.


So the representation of this massive Nets of perspectives made by drawing And thread like graphics made in a Geometrical way , showsthe increasing Population in todays world and the Intense increasing movement around the Globe.


My way to create this scenarios , is a Creative prediction of how this images Can be use for exaggerate a future Disaster and social lost of identity .


Creating a chaos and a irreversible way To stop it.


So I can resume that my recent work is a Representation of the space , their use And the projection.


At the same way my work is represented In different medias mentioned before to Encompass the complexity of the Geopolitical contemporary problematic Of the urbanist scene and their social Impact.

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